Stamina 15-0120 In Stride Cycle XL | Stamina Exercise Bike

Stamina 15-0120 In Stride Cycle XL | Stamina Exercise Bike

This Stamina Exercise Bike for you can use it in the office, on vacation or at home to burn extra calories during your daily routine. Shoe on your feet sitting on the entire lower body, or use the table or tabletop and your wrists with the upper body exercises. It is an exercise adapted to your life effort. Watch the battery-powered electronics and encourage yourself to exercise. The hard rubber feet prevent the InStride Cycle XL from slipping and the straps firmly secure your feet to the point. The InStride Cycle XL has an adjustable tension control that allows a wide range of resistance to stabilize your exercise strength. It is convenient and easy to carry to the office or store when not in use. The InStride Cycle XL has a strong steel structure that will last for years to come.

Stamina in Stride Cycle XL :

If you are serious about improving your mobility and making your health a priority, it is time to invest in Stamina InStride Cycle XL. It’s hard to start (or go back) to a healthy lifestyle, but with this flexibility, a lightweight cycle makes it easier than ever. Whether you use it at home, at work, or elsewhere, you will be able to strengthen your upper body, lower body, and heart.

Upper And Lower Body Training :

To strengthen and tone your arms and shoulders, simply move the tabletop. Lower bodywork put the bike on the ground, sit down, and get off the pedal.

Compact And Portable :

Combined, the InStride Cycle XL takes only 19 “15.55”. In addition, it weighs only 9 pounds.

Stamina 15-0120 In Stride Cycle XL stamina exercise bike with girl

A Reliable Crisis :

You have full control over the strength of your exercise. The simple analysis of the crisis has a wide range of implications.

Oversight :

The monitor displays your exercise time, so you will know how much your endurance develops each time you cycle.

Textured Pedals Of Strings :

Commodity rent with strings has effectively monitored feet to prevent stiffness, slip unnecessarily.

Non-Slip Feet :

Not only will your feet stay in place, but the bike itself will stay in place as well. Non-slip rubber soles reduce frost and protect your floors and countertops.

Stamina 15-0120 In Stride Cycle XL stamina exercise bike with Monitor
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Cycling improves your heart health, improves heart and blood vessel function, and reduces the risk of heart disease. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of cycling without spending a ton of money on the affordable InStride XL cycle from Stamina Products. Unlike most exercise bikes, the InStride XL cycle does not come with a seat. Instead, you will sit in a dining room chair as usual or you will lie on the floor, and then put your feet on a firm, hard rope. After logging in, you can submit forward and backward motion, by rising tension with the set can allow you to vary your strength and supervision of electronic timing exercise. Alternatively, you can even rest on the InStride XL table and bucket of your hands to experience a full-fledged workout.

Improving your heart health isn’t the only benefit of cycling, of course. It also increases HDL (good cholesterol), lowers the number of triglycerides in the blood, and helps lower blood pressure. And thanks to the dual-service pedal, you can adjust your strength to the muscles of the legs, arms, shoulders, and back, depending on the configuration you choose. Other benefits of cycling include increased flexibility without tightening joints, improved metabolism, better lung function, and higher metabolism.

Stamina 15-0120 In Stride Cycle XL with Monitor

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Full Specifications





Item Dimensions

20.75 x 15.75 x 12.5 inches

Item Weight

9 Pounds

Power Source

Battery Powered

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item model number




Date First Available

May 4, 2004







Stamina Exercise Bike Key Features :

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