FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Use for Home and Office Desk Bike

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

Unlike most table circuits, the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical uses a liquid shuffle movement. Movement is found in large elliptical machines. It creates a smooth movement for your legs while keeping your knees from hitting the base of your table. Go back or forth!

It includes your digital meter stand desk so you can easily monitor your progress without looking under your desk. The rotation of the feet under the elliptical table allows the adjustment of the hands-free tension to focus on the task at hand. With FitDesk®, you can change your environment, not your lifestyle. FitDesk, where Production and Health are concentrated.

Divorce and the extraordinary sitting FitDesk Under Desk elliptical to penetrate some heart at work. With the help of a table assistant, you can have a back-and-forth rotation fluid that can be achieved by large elliptical machines. Best of all, it keeps your knees from hitting the table and includes a digital meter to monitor your progress. A table is also added to monitor your exercise. Dimensions: 34W x 20D x 12H interior .. Metal construction. Clear end Drawback and move forward rotation. Includes a digital meter stand table. Works with a minimum of 25 tables Assembly required.

Structure / Design:

The FitDesk elliptical under the table has a metal shape. Most of its components are made of high-quality polymer, these include resistance systems, storm lift guards, and wings. These metal parts are coated with anti-corrosion paint.

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical Use for Home and Office Desk Bike


Both bottom ellipticals use a magnetic resistive system. Also, both have 8 different resistance levels that allow you to change the strength of the exercise according to your needs. On FitDesk through the lever.

Driving System:

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical has a small amount of balance and a belt drive system. Although the speed of these elliptical applications is not significantly balanced, the overall flow of movement is stable and stable. You can also cycle on the other side.

Noise Level:

Both elliptical ones are really stable and are suitable for use in the office room.

Job Inspection and Search:

FitDesk has a basic fitness meter that monitors calories burned, distance, speed, and time.


FitDesk elliptical under the table has a very wide footprint. It is about 34-inches long x 20-inches wide. It may be suitable for tables under the 25-inch cleaning. It weighs 31 pounds.


Most FitDesk requires integration but is not too complicated. You will need to assemble the fit meter, rear plate, front base, and pedal.

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical




Exercise While Sitting:

The FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical creates gentle movement for your legs while keeping your knees from hitting the base of your desk.

Digital Meter to Monitor Progress:

It includes a selection table for your digital meter so you can easily monitor your progress on your desk. The foot changer allows for improved hands-free stability so you can focus on the task at hand. FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical, you can change your environment, you can not change your lifestyle.

Minimum round length:

The lowest round height available, suitable for all table and people sizes. A spacious and spacious space for comfortable and easy foot placement.

Asthma Quest Resistance:

8 Stop magnet resistance and high-velocity flying speed Keep the toddler movement smooth and speak softly. Elliptical movements of the natural senses often during long-term use.

Quality updates built:

Designed for table or sitting use and built for commercial and long term use.

FitDesk Under Desk

Rolling Wheel Lock + Seat:

Use a wheelchair lock on your wheelchair to keep you and your Elliptical apart when using it. The desk is included with easy access to the work display 6.

Use Every day:

Add exercise to your daily routine at your current table. Do more by exercising more at the same time.

Free Pressure Transfer:

The easy-to-reach foot rotation allows for a balance of hands-free tension. Adjust the tension to your exercise level.

FitDesk also features a belt drive system. To feel stable and stable, the power supply is equipped with a small, balanced circuit.

FitDesk is under the Elliptical Desk:

Do you spend part of your day without a break?
Do you like to be more active and feel more alert without leaving your desk? Introducing FitDesk Under Elliptical Desk. Unlike most under-the-table vendors, the FitDesk Under Elliptical Desk uses fluid, natural and backward movement, similar to the movement found on large elliptical machines.
FitDesk provides a great way to incorporate exercise into your workday. This little elliptical works in the same way as the average elliptical scale and also allows forward and backward movement.

Since the length of the FitDesk rotation is less than the normal rotation of the table, you can use it to exercise without any risk of hitting your knees on the table.

In addition, it consists of wide-open space for easy and comfortable foot placement. To allow for smooth and smooth motion, the FitDesk elliptical features a high-speed, high-speed display. This is magnetic resistance levels 8 to choose from. It can be adjusted through the rotation of the feet, allowing you to control the intensity of your exercise by freeing your hands.

As far as the consul is concerned, FitDesk comes with a 6-function visual meter that you can use to monitor your fitness progress. Some of the exercise numbers you can monitor include distance, speed, time, calories burned, etc.

Additional features of FitDesk include an easy-to-use grip handle and wheels, a seat cushion lock that allows you to keep the power and your seat apart from each other while working, massage to help calm your sore feet. , your fatigue is exhausting.

Under Desk Elliptical

Full Specifications

Item model number


Item Dimensions

28.40 x 11.30 x 18.40 inches

Item Weight

12.79 lbs



Special Features

6-Function Display

Product Dimensions

28.4 x 11.3 x 18.4 inches; 12.79 Pounds


Office Furniture


1 AA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 21, 2015


FD Products



Warranty Description

1 year frame; 90 days parts for bikes and under desk products

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Can you lose weight on an electric desk?

Good for Weight A According to the manufacturer of Cubii mini ellipticals, you can burn 150 calories per hour if you use their machines. But keep in mind that a small machine is not a burning machine like a threshing machine or stairs, but it helps your body burn fat.

Do they work under ellipticals do they really work?

The truth is, yes, Cubii works, as long as your intention to exercise a bit of extra wear on the day. So no, Cubii is not an old magic bullet. You will not be able to stop your membership in the gym and without real commitment.

How many calories do you burn under the burning ellipticals?

300 calories While manufacturers both under table bikes and ellipticals claim a calorie burn “up to 300 calories per hour,” a reasonable result may include 100+ calories per hour.

Does the brain burn belly fat?

You may gain muscle in the middle part, but you will not burn belly fat in particular. In fact, elliptical machines allow exercise to burn more calories and burn body fat. They involve the upper and lower body at the same time, involving multiple muscle groups.

Is aerobic exercise good?

Exercise is a great opportunity for seniors to maintain an active lifestyle. It allows them to maintain an active lifestyle without leaving the gym. Regular exercise can help older people sleep better and improve mood. It lowers and maintains blood pressure.

Can you lose weight in a round table?

The best news for all those who want to lose weight, cyclists under the table burn 107 extra calories every day, adding more than 500 calories per week. Of course,

Can I Lose Weight Using Leg Traps?

No matter what you look for, an exercise trader can help you lose weight and burn calories. Increase your intake to burn more calories and fat. If you only go 5.5 miles per hour, it can take you anywhere for 10 hours or more than 20 hours to burn just one pound of fat.

Are 30 minutes enough for electricity?

According to Harvard Medical School, you burn about 2.16 calories per pound of bodyweight during 30 minutes of electrical use. For example, a 160-pound person burns about 345 calories in 30 minutes on electricity.

Can I exercise every day?

You should not climb every morning your body needs at least one day of rest every seven days for exercise, according to the American Exercise Council. If you do strenuous exercise in the morning, as well as include strength training, you run the risk of overeating.

Is elliptical good for absences?

Many people do not think of abstinence and exercise knowledge, but with proper elliptical exercise, you can strengthen your core. The absence of tones not only enhances the appearance but also plays an important role in the stabilization of the core.

What does elliptical do to your body?

Elliptical training works [both on the lower body and upper body. It usually targets the glutes, quadriceps, muscles, calves, and tibialis anterior. As your thighs move backward during movement, you will feel your pelvis and muscles.

Is professionalism as good as running?

Yes, you can really use electrical appliances to keep your heart cool and shed some weight. But running alone will properly prepare your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments to stretch 26.2 miles.

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  1. So I started looking into desks that have a built-in exercise option. Under-desk treadmills felt like trying to take notes while walking. I have done this as a reporter and would not recommend it. But an exercise bike with an attached desk felt sturdier. I could lean slightly forward and type, although my back occasionally barks at me to lean back against the backrest.

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