Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling apps for exercise bikes 2020

You’ve probably been waiting for months to finally get out and ride a bike. But some days, the comfort of your own garage, empty of rain and horrible terror, seems perfect. When the Internet, again, gave the world a great gift: Internal cycling. Now, instead of fully dressed for Exercise, rollover, lift and climb.

In this post, I will share with you my top 10 programs that I think are worthy and have been releasing regularly.

There are two types of programs. Programs that focus on structured training, analysis, and provide you with tools to help you manage your training internally and during your run. Other apps provide driving experience with GPS-enabled routes, video trails, or gamified bike experience. Some programs offer both.

I divide the list into two parts : programs for experienced driving, and programs with structured training.

The list of programs below provides a practical driving experience and some provide a structured test as well.


Cost (USD) : $ 15 / month for cycling. The run is free
Free Trial : A 15-day trial is available.
OS Compatibility : Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Apple TV.
Compatible with Modern Trainers : Bluetooth, FTMS BLE, SITTING + FE-C

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - ZWIFT

Zwift is the most popular indoor cycling program for cyclists. It is social and offers many opportunities to protect you from adversity and fun. At any time during the indoor cycling season, you can follow thousands of other cyclists.

Zwift offers five virtual worlds. Some are fantasy routes like Watopia – their biggest and most famous world – and other worlds designed after real places like London, Richmond, VA, New York, Innsbruck, and their last course is Giro d’Italia Bologna.

Zwift offers the following :

  • Free Riding : Ride your bike at your speed. If you have a smart trainer paired as a controllable trainer, the resistance will change to level the ground on Zwift.
  • Team Accompany : Agree with others in real-time. These rides can be a social trip, part of a challenge, a fundraiser, or a stage. These rides are usually divided into groups (A to D) based on your speed and climbing skills.
  • Race : Compete with others in real-time. The races are divided into different categories based on your kilogram watt.
  • Structured Exercise : Follow an exercise routine to improve your climbing skills or prepare for a race. You can build your own gym, go somewhere, or import exercise from external sources.
  • Team Tasks : Similar to organized exercises but you do this with a group of cyclists.
  • Free Run : With a compatible screen, you can run Zwift at your own speed
  • Run Team : Run with others. Typically, group running is divided into groups (A to D) based on speed.
  • Race : Compete with other runners around the world in real-time.

Watch this video for setup Zwift Apps For Exercise Bikes.


Cost (USD) : $ 10 / month with 2 family members in a year plan.
Free trial : 14 days trial available.
Device Compatibility : Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android.
Compatibility with Modern Trainers : ANT + FE-C.

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes ROUVY​

Rouvy is probably the lowest Apps For Exercise Bikes and its best Apps For Exercise Bikes. The app offers a myriad of features that can vary your training and make you more fun and challenging.

Rouvy offers the following :

  • More than 2,500+ quality videos and GPS routes.
  • Create your own path (Windows Only)
  • Growing reality
  • Structured Training : Build your gym or pick it up from their gym library. You can also draw exercise from Training Peaks on the day of training.
  • Climate analysis including wing analysis with suitable electric meters.
  • Join events, challenges, team riders, and competitions.
  • Basic membership gives you access to most features except virtual routes, and premium membership analysis also gives you the ability to share your membership with two family members.

Rouvy with works with most ANT+ FE-C, and Bluetooth smart bike trainers as well as dumb trainers with a speed sensor or just a power meter.

Check out the official Rouvy “How it works” video For Setup Apps For Exercise Bikes.


Cost (USD) : $ 12.99 / month or $ 108.99 with additional family member.
Free trial : 14 days trial available.
Device Compatibility : Windows, iOS, Apple TV, and Android.
Compatible with Smart Trainers : Bluetooth and VIN + FE-C

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - FULGAZ

FulGaz offers a large library of High Definition streets. As of today, they have 415 lanes or approximately 5000 miles of roads to explore.

FulGaz works well on Apple TV and is compatible with most smart Bluetooth coaches and even the KICKR Climb and Tacx NEO on the sensor path.

It is also available in original software for iPhone or iPad.

Update November 7, 2019 : FulGaz has added an exercise library and the ability to import private exercises from TrainingPeaks, Plan Today or upload ZWO training files.

Watch this  Fulgaz Workouts Video .


10/29/2019 : VIRTUGO closes operation.
Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes VIRTUGO Cycling Apps

Virtugo is much the same with Zwift world tour and a number of courses in real life but focuses on formal training.

They have various training programs for road runners, riders, time tester, runners, etc. They have an efficient training library that you can browse, look at exercise descriptions and meeting details, and include them in your training schedule.

VirtuGo is compatible with both Mac and Windows. They still do not have a mobile phone.


The following programs are designed with a focus on structured training, analysis, and provide tools to help small training in planning and management.


Cost (USD) : $ 19.95 / month or $ 189.95 / year
Free Trial : A 30-day coupon is available with friend referral.
Device Compatibility : Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Compatible with Smart Trainers : Bluetooth, EQU + FE-C.

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - TRAINER ROAD Cycling Apps

TrainerRoad offers a large library of cycling exercises and triathlon plans. You can explore hundreds of exercises or create your own using the Coach Creator Creator.

They also have a well-designed and structured plan for the three athletes, off-road cyclists, road racers, etc. Training plans are divided into high, medium, and low volume and you can adjust the start and end date of each plan to get your schedule. You can move the exercise to indicate the days you want to do some exercise. For example, if you can only do your long climb on Friday instead of Sunday, you can show that as you add a plan to your calendar.

Coach Road also provides a great analytical tool that analyzes your journey and analyzes any follow-up and season.

One of the unique things about TrainerRoad is that they have a large and busy community on their board and Facebook. They also have an excellent podcast so check that out as well.

Check out the TRAINER ROAD video For Setup Apps For Exercise Bikes.


Cost (USD) : $ 12.99 / month or $ 99 / year
Free trial : 14 days of free trial available.
Device Compatibility : Windows, Mac, iOS
Compatible with Smart Trainers : Bluetooth, EQU + FE-C.

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - THE SUFFERFEST

Sufferfest has been around for a long time and is constantly releasing updates and new videos.

At $ 12.99 per month or $ 99 per year, you have access to a large library of bike-shaped, triathlon, and interactive gym with video races of professional races, vocal songs, and interesting stories.

Also, as a member, you will gain access to Yoga, rigorous mental training, and strength training. It’s the only program beyond cycling for extra exercise to complete your bike and make you a better overall person.

Check out the THE SUFFERFEST video For Setup Apps For Exercise Bikes.

07. XERT

Cost (USD) : $ 9.99 / month or $ 99 / year
Free trial : 30 days free trial available.
Device Compatibility : IOS, Android.
Smart Trainers Compatibility : BLE FTMS, AntT + FE-C.

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - xert

The way Xert works, it analyzes your current fitness based on your strength data. And then going after some of the algorithms and the site recommends you exercise “smart” your day based on your goals and current activity.

Xert also calculates your FTP and displays your FTP for the day based on your current exercise. Their “smart” or “adaptation” exercise can adapt to aerobic exercise and improve your strength and duration of exercise based on your exercise.

Their iOS fitness player has recently been updated with a mobility dashboard, an adaptation training consultant, and a new training player. You can also use their website, Android app, or Garmin Edge device to connect your smart bike trainer or electric meter via ANT + FE-C.

Also, all of their exercises are available to download as ERG or Zwift files if you want to use Zwift for example. However, the “Smart” exercise will no longer be “smart” – All exact hours and times are calculated when exporting the exercise file, but the Zwift exercise player does not support active wattages or longevity.

Xert works with ANT + FEC or Bluetooth FTMS adapters or any meter.

They also have a Garmin connection program that you can use with your Garmin Edge device to do your exercise outdoors for example or compete.

Xert also gives you a detailed overview and analysis of your fitness and calculates your physical signature and maximum potential for flight. So if you are in a race and trying to keep up with that latest run, their Garmin Connect program will tell you how much power you have in a matter of seconds and it is very good to measure that.

Check out the XERT video For Experience Apps For Exercise Bikes.


Price (USD) : $ 10 / month or $ 27 / quarter
Free trial : 30 days free trial available.

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes -VELOPRO.BIKE

VeloPro is an AI training application. Creates unique training plans for each athlete based on cycling goals, experience, and fitness. You can drop the schedule to see the details of the following exercise, and you can see the complete rides.

You can mark holidays and change the exercise from outdoor to indoor and download it from the ERG or Zwift file.

Every day, you will receive a detailed email with your scheduled workouts and weekly summaries, and even planned holidays. VeloPro is full of little things and makes you feel like you have your own bike trainer.

VeloPro does not have its own gymnasium so you need to download or record your gym.

Check out the VELOPRO.BIKE video to getting knowledge about this app.


Cost (USD) : FREE and $ 14.99 / month membership insurance
Free Trial : Free and independent membership is available.
Device Compatibility : Windows, Mac OS, iPad, Apple TV.
Compatible with Smart Trainers : Bluetooth and VIN + FE-C

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - RGT CYCLING

RGT Bike Riding is a high-quality indoor cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes with real-time visual effects on real-life movement courses, corner brakes, writing, etc.

The app is a fast-paced design but they recently released an Apple TV app along with a companion app to control all aspects of the app.

It works well on Apple TV but the graphics are a bit low compared to a high-quality PC with a good graphics card like a PC game for example.

If you don’t have a computer to play with, Apple TV is the way to RGT.

Check out the RGT CYCLING video For Setup Apps For Exercise Bikes.


Unfortunately, due to a lack of development assistance and grants, MaximumTrainer closed the store on September 7th, 2019.

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - MAXIMUM TRAINER Cycling Apps

Most Trainer is an open program available on Windows and Mac and you can use it to do structured training and watch Netflix at the same time if you want.

When most coaches, you can build your own gym using their gym building, or use one of the exercises available at ERGdb.ORG. You can set up your small studio using multiple play symbols and follow up with 25 other drivers at the same time, observe the power balance, and create your own gym.

Most Trainer is full of things and very easy to use. It is available for Windows and MacOS and works with a balanced ANT + FE-C trainer or a speechless trainer with fluid speed.


Cost : $9.99 per month
Free trial : One day

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - PAIN CAVE CYCLING APP

PainCave, in practice, is very similar to The Sufferfest, but with fewer bells and whistles. Like The Sufferfest, the drivers take part in a guided tour that includes original footage from some of the world’s most famous events. These features are supplemented by the coaching of some of the best coaches and cyclists in the world, helping you to guide you through any training. You can even choose to follow a pre-arranged training program to eliminate the assumptions about your work. That said, the platform only has about 20 total, you are not able to download videos for online use, and it does not have the technology that allows you to connect your bike trainer to the service to track it accurately.


Cost : $9.99 per month
Free trial : 7 days

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - CYCLE CAST Cycling Apps

For the waste of cycling indoors, CycleCast is a great solution for your home-based exercise-and-play solution. As long as you have an iPhone and a CycleCast subscription, all you need is to get a cycling team to get started. Drivers are kept in mind for any exercise based on the level of exercise felt, percentage of heart rate, or heart rate per minute, so even if you do not have a bicycle computer, cadence meter, or heart rate monitor, you can still enjoy a ride. Simply select your teacher and the time you go to work. Oh, and you don’t even have to put together your own list – the platform offers pre-selected music from top artists to help you get on the beat.


Cost : $19.99 per month or per class of downloaded la carte
Free trial : 7 days, limited to specific trial exercises

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - STUDIO SWEAT ON-DEMAND Cycling Apps

The first time you land on the Studio Sweat page, you probably won’t be so impressed – it looks historic – but take the time to give it a second look. Studio Sweat offers tons of indoor bike training along with a treadmill, TRX, bootstrap, and even gymnastics, with new features added every week. You have the option to register on the access point that allows you to download all of their exercises, or you can select and select specific systems, and then download them to your computer using the direct and offline.

Check out the STUDIO SWEAT ON-DEMAND video For Setup Apps For Exercise Bikes.


Peloton medal membership fee per month : $39.99 after startup fee
Free trial : None
Peloton iOS app cost : $ 12.99 per month
Free trial : 14 days

Top 14 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps For Exercise Bikes - Peloton Cycling Apps

If you haven’t heard of Peloton yet, it’s just a matter of time. Indoor cycling training is designed to bring the team bike studio directly to your home. Granted, the start-up costs are high, putting you back less than $ 2,000 in Peloton indoor bikes, shoes, mattresses, and in-house installation, but once that is taken care of, you automatically have access to it direct personal training.

Every day you can take part in live exercises conducted by Peloton New York-based studio teachers. These teachers interact with the visa participants (it is you), and you, too, can compete and compare your performance with your classmates from across the country. Plus, whenever you can’t join a live class, you still have access to thousands of walking exercises that you can start at any time.

But, if the initial cost of a complete Peloton experience is unreasonable, you can always download the iOS Peloton app. It’s a bit like CycleCast in that you can use it on any indoor bike or trainer, but this service gives you the ability to live in addition to its library of streaming videos.

Check out the PELOTON video For Setup Apps For Exercise Bikes.

OTHER Apps For Exercise Bikes

Other programs worth considering are Kinomap and BigRingVR. Both represent real routes and offer different challenges to entertain you.

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